Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Hollywood and designing my first dress

So this weekend I finally finished (basically) my dressform. Hooray! Check that off the list.

So now, I finally get to make use of it and build a dress from scratch. My design is loosely inspired by Cyd Charisse's green dress in Singin' in the Rain

and Leslie Caron's backup girls in An American in Paris:

(you have to go to 5:25 to see them...sorry this was the only video I could find that had them in it)

Anyway, that's my inspiration. It's going to be a black and white dress, with straps that overlap eachother and go out when you spin. The black goes on top of the white, so at the waist there's no white at all, and at the bust line, there's just a little bit between the two inch black straps that are verticle. I'm also thinking of beading the ends of the straps to give them more weight so they don't fly up all the time...

Here's a picture...(I love paint)

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