Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love you Aaron Sorkin

Maureen Dowd's column this past Saturday was very emotional for me. "Why?" you might ask. Because it brought back a number of painful memories...namely the fact the President Bartlet was fictional, and President Bush was not. Oh, how I wished the reverse were true.

In her column, she asked Aaron Sorkin to write a scene between Senator Obama and President Bartlet. It was beautifully done, as is all of his writing. The characters came to life on the page, probably partially due to my infatuation with The West Wing and Senator Obama.

The conversation is witty, charming, at times very funny. But the whole thing left me wishing that President Bartlet had been our real President these past eight years. Even with all the mistakes he made (in the show). Who knows if this financial crisis would have still occured (probably), but I feel as though it would have been handled better. Now I feel like there's no one at the helm at all. Although I don't know if that's better than having someone steering us toward the danger accidentally, or not steering at all...

I know whatever happens it will be better. But I'd rather have it be a lot better with Obama than a few slight changes for the better with McCain. I want a 180, not a 10% difference.

And those are my thoughts.

Plus, when and where can I get more Aaron Sorkin? Anyone? Please? I'm going to have to go back at watch SportsNight, the first four seasons of West Wing, and Studio 60 all over again.


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