Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, I have a problem. I love to start new things. It's the finishing part I'm not so good at...

I will now make a list of unfinished projects...this is going to be frightening:

--Oliver's sweater (this is almost done, I just have to weave in the final strands)
--Emily's twin's sweaters (Again, almost done, just have to be made up, and weave in the strands)
--Alex's sweater (one sleeve and the collar left, then make up and weave in strands)
--Oliver's mittens (one mitten almost done, just have to make the flap. Then have to start and finish the second)
--Lace dress from Vogue (no where near done...)
And then there are about five things I want to start, but haven't gotten around to yet

--Dressform (I've had it for months, and I still can't use it because I haven't fit the outer dress to me, to make it my size...but never fear, help is on the way this weekend in the form of my lovely sister, so hopefully it will be done.)
--curtains (They need to be hemmed...but now, if we move, we might want them longer, so that's just going to have to stay on hold for a while)
--various mendings (from Erin's sweater to the slit I tore to the point of indecency on a beautiful embroidered dress, about five or six all told)
--White dress (I've got the top half done, but I'm having so much trouble with the skirt that I don't want to work on it until I've got the dress form to figure out the drapping. Go figure. I can't finish a project until I finish a project)
--Chartreuse Silk Charmeuse 30's style pants. (I haven't started this, but I saw the silk and I envisioned 1930s glamor with those beautifl flowy pants...mmm. One of these days I'll get around to actually making it)
Various other small (and large) projects I've got the pattern and fabric for, but haven't started.

--Embroidery kit (half way through)
--book making materials
--photography set up

I don't think my problem is necessarily lack of followthrough, because I usually do get to these things...eventually (granted sometimes it's more than a year later). I think it's more the ADD in me that makes the idea of starting this new idea right away sound so appealing.

Perhaps I should limit myself to smaller projects for a while until I've widdled this list down to two or three....


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