Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmm, Saturday

It's Saturday and I couldn't be happier.  Oliver is in the next room cooking away for a huge eight course plated dinner we're doing tonight.  He's listening to This American Life.  Such interesting stories.  Reminds me of my mom's column.

He came in just to say, "I love you."  

He makes me feel so happy.

Later today I'm going over to Sarah's apartment to play with her kitty and make sure she's fed.  I'm thinking I'll bring my knitting over.  Any cat's dream, right?

Tomorrow we're looking at more houses.  Did I tell you all we've decided to buy a house together?  A week ago we found one we just love.  It's on 15th Street in NE Washington, basically Capitol Hill.  It's lovely, and has a new kitchen and a back yard and a front porch that's just begging for a swinging bench.  I love swinging benches.  I love sitting in them and watching the world go by and reading a good book.  So much fun.

I'm also toying with the idea of playing around with my camera.  Then I can start putting pretty pictures on this blog too!  I'll have to figure out more about Flikr...

Who knew the sound of metal bowls clanking together mixed with a timer going off would be so comforting.

I'm off to help empty the dishwasher.  Ah, the domestic life!


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Margie said...

I think you should record the sounds of clanking bowls and timers and other Oliver-cooking-sounds, and find a way to link the recording to your blog post. That way we can have a soundtrack to your writing.

We went up to tiny Vernersborg with Pete and Jan this morning, to a sale at the Barnhouse ( Got to see Matt, home from Tokyo. He'll be here the week after Christmas, when you and Oliver come home!

Can't wait.